5-Star Rating Includes Equality

What's your experience?

  • Do you get first class treatment after paying first class air, hotel, and resort services?  
  • Do you feel safe going to certain destinations and would have appreciated knowing any biases before you travel?
  • Does the travel industry serve your unique needs as a minority traveler, woman traveler, solo traveler, single parent, caregiver, LGBT traveler, disabled, and as a pet owner?
  • Would you rather spend your travel dollars on companies that value diversity and equality at all times?

Every Travel Should Be Your Best Experience

Many of us take days or months planning our perfect vacation only to be spoiled by poor service.  While we can't avoid bad things from happening, we can certainly minimize our risk by building tribes that reflect our travel values and spending our dollars on companies that embrace our uniqueness, diversity, and need for equality in all levels and forms.

Changing Travel Experiences

Launch Date January 1, 2018

We are building a unique travel application that will change the way we experience travel, forever.   The expected launch date is January 1, 2018.

The EQicon App is free for users and contributors.   We have developed proprietary metrics that measures key service factors that protect your privacy and can help businesses deliver culturally and tribe sensitive service levels.

Travel With A Cause

We define our unique tribes to meet our needs and then we come together as one big tribe to reach our goal of equality in travel.  We invite you to join us in spending your hard earned dollars to support companies that embrace diversity and equality in delivering travel services to you, your family, and your tribe.  

Travel Tribes

Our Mission

We are a new generation of travelers committed to changing the world of travel by building equality tribes that represent who we are, sharing our unique needs and experiences, and driving our loyalties to businesses that embrace diversity & equality in travel.

Create & Connect With Your Tribe

We create travel tribes that represent various cultures from budget focused to luxury travelers and from leisure to business travelers.   We also welcome tribes specific to solo travelers, women travelers, single parents, travelers that give care, LGBT travelers, and travelers with pets.   We welcome everyone to explore and build their own tribe or belong to multiple tribes. 

EqualityIcon Companies

We appreciate and drive business to companies that value equality and diversity.  They deserve our deepest loyalty and financial support.

Our tribe and tribes determine the best companies that represent our travel values.   Join us in identifying and rewarding EqualityIcon companies.

Join Our Tribe


We are looking for change agents that believe in travel equality and can contribute to our cause. We love to hear from you so send us an email!

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